Learning a new language is like a workout for the mind, the ears, and the tongue. Let’s warm up.

#1 Introduce yourself

This is a simple phrase to introduce yourself, like “Hi, I’m _____, it’s nice to meet you”. You can listen to the audio for pronunciation. The pink dots indicate word-stress.

Now record yourself saying this phrase, upload it -you can use SoundCloud- and post it to the facebook group on the “introduce yourself” post. Don’t forget to smile while recording 🙂

#2 Meeting new people

Now that we can introduce ourselves, let’s get to know other people.

This is the pronunciation:

For the “How are you” questions, these are some possible answers:

This is the pronunciation:

Now go to the group, find an amigo (friend) or amiga (a female friend) and have a little chat using this language via skype. When you finish, upload a picture to the group that proves that you had a real conversation with a real human being.


May the odds be in your favor. Just kidding. Have fun!


#3 Language immersion: reading

This is the website of a Guest House in South America http://www.casamariacartagena.com/

Explore the website to answer the following questions

  1. Does the Guest House have a pool?
  2. Where is the Guest House located? (Country and City)
  3. How old is the House?
  4. What’s their phone number?
  5. The story behind the house is a horror story, a war story or a love story?


#4 Grammar: talk about people

Look at this chart about pronouns in English

Now complete the chart in Spanish. Post to the group for peer-revision

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