The 3 keys to travel on a budget

I see many people -especially young- who want to see more of the world but don’t know exactly how to make those adventurous dreams come true. One common belief is that you need to have a lot of money to travel. But with a little bit of effort, understanding of how it works and perseverance, you can do this without selling your organs 🙂 If you have a thirst for adventure and a shoestring budget, this post is for you.

Discipline and organization

When you’re not traveling, save money

If you really want to satisfy that wanderlust, the worst thing you can do is spend your money. Save as much money as you can. Take a look at your budget and cut out some expenses -sweets, alcohol, cigarettes. Instead of going to the movies, learn how to play an instrument. Get your books from the local library, or exchange instead of buying. You probably won’t be going to a lot of parties and/or dates, but focus on the big prize and in no time you’ll be hitting the road.

Plan ahead

I know part of the fun is facing the unknown, but when it comes to traveling mistakes can cost money. The only way to avoid them is by doing some research about the process and the place you’re going. There are local traveling guides in websites like Travelicious where you can find that kind of information. This is not only helpful, but it’s also a way of falling in love with your destination before actually going there.

Mindset and skillset

Pack a skill

If you plan to stay for a while, bartender and cooking are always well-appreciated in hostels and any kind of dancing, yoga, workout routine is something you can organize in public spaces. If you have artistic talents like drawing portraits, singing or playing an instrument, they can also help you make extra money on the go. These are more appropriate if you’re not planning to stay very long. Whatever you choose, practice enough to feel confident and deliver it with respect, generosity, and joy.

Open your mind

You’re not home, and the way to solve things is different. Wherever you are, make an effort to learn from the environment and make the most of it. Being in a foreign land is a great opportunity to explore not only the world but yourself. If singing and playing an instrument on the streets is something you wouldn’t do back home because it’s embarrassing, doing it elsewhere might be a good way to explore that bohemian side of you.


Choose low-cost 

Destination and moving around

Some destinations are cheaper than others, this is why it’s so important to do your research before going anywhere. Even in the same country, there are huge differences. Take Colombia for example, a hotel in Cartagena can cost 300$ a night while in Santa Marta it’s just 50$ a night. Same beautiful Caribbean beaches, wildly different pricing.

Don’t forget to take into consideration the costs of transportation. Look for low-cost but without compromising your safety.


One of the most pleasurable things about traveling is trying out new culinary experiences and enjoying good food. If your budget is really tight, you can still do this but maybe not every day. My suggestion is to get cereal-based foods and fruits most of the time and have a nice meal in a nice place every once in a while. This is not only pocket-friendly, but will also keep you healthy.


There is one thing that doesn’t make a practical difference, but in my experience, it has an impact. Even if you’re on a budget, there’s always something you can give -your knowledge, your energy, your open heart. Go with the intention of giving and sharing, and it’ll color the whole experience brighter 🙂