Music task: Hasta la raíz

#1 Look at the images and listen







#2 Match

#3 Listen to the song and order the words from first to last

After ordering the words, you can check your answers -the song’s lyrics are here

#4 Meaning

The phrase “sacando espinas de lo profundo del corazón” could be translated as “removing thorns from the depths of the heart”. True or False?


The phrase “Limpiar con el humo sagrado cada recuerdo” means:

a. Cleaning the house

b. Healing of memories

c. Smoking a cigarette


This song is about:

a. Exotic landscapes

b. Falling in love

c. Growing apart


In your opinion, is the song happy or sad?

a. Happy

b. Sad

c. Both


Share this answers in the group! Buena suerte!


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