Learn Spanish

Do you want to travel to these exotic destinations but feel insecure about the language? Learn something new? Just want to practice your rusty high-school Spanish skills? Spanish lessons for beginners start on May 25th, 2017

Yes, they’re free 🙂 Enroll by joining the facebook group and share: why do you want to learn Spanish. In the meantime, you can warm up with the weekly tasks. In fact, you should and I’ll tell you why.

Warming up

It’s more effective

We learn more when we actively engage in the learning process. When it comes to language learning, that means speaking and writing. It’s all about communication. Passively listening to a lesson or reading can help you gain vocabulary, but putting what you learn to practice is the way knowledge really sticks to your brain. 

Gradual, smooth progress

If only I could plug a wire into your brain and “upload” the Spanish language -like Neo in the Matrix.

But it’s not possible, so it’s going to be a process. The tasks are designed to go from the most simple to the most complex because that’s the way we learn. You learn to walk before you run, right?

Accelerated learning

Focusing on these tasks two times a week will make it easier for you. Remember, you’re introducing a whole new set of information: if your brain knows that two times a week you’re going to feed it with Spanish, it’ll make room for it (a neural pathway) and it’s not busy with “when”. So even if it’s online, having a routine will accelerate the process.